About Červené Poříčí Château

A brief history of the château

  • Červené Poříčí Château is a unique monument of the Saxon Renaissance in the Pilsen Region.
  • It was built in 1611 by Mikuláš Šic of Drahenice on the site of an older fortress.
  • Due to his participation in the uprising of the Bohemian estates, the château was confiscated from Šic in 1623 and was subsequently owned by various Bavarian noble families.
  • The Hauben family, the relatives Törrings of Jettenbach and Klement Franz I, Duke of Bavaria, were responsible for the Renaissance reconstruction of the château.
  • In the nineteenth century, the château was owned by the Habsburg imperial family, specifically the dukes of Tuscany.
  • The château became a state property with the founding of Czechoslovakia.
  • After the Second World War it became the headquarters of a forestry company.
  • It was used as a residential facility for employees starting in the 1960s.
  • The National Heritage Institute took over administration of the château in 1997.
  • Since 2010 it has been a national cultural monument.

A brief history of the château garden

  • The garden was an important part of the château grounds from the very beginning.
  • During its heyday in the middle of the eighteenth century, the garden featured floral parterres, pathways with coloured sand, conservatories, and an orangery and fig garden.
  • The garden was decorated with fountains, stone vases and statues of antique heroes.
  • Apples, pears, plums, mirabelle plums and even asparagus were grown in the fruit garden, which also featured aviaries.
  • The gazebo recalls the former glory of the site.
  • Plans are in place to restore at least part of the garden to its original character.
  • The first steps in this direction involved the planting of flower beds near the gazebo and the establishment of a fruit orchard in the rear of the park near the pond.

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