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During the tour "Château - an aristocratic residence in the countryside" you can only take photographs without the use of additional devices such as tripod, flash or selfiestick.

Useful Information

Services for visitors

  • In the cash office you can buy souvenirs from the Červené Poříčí Château.
  • Commemorative stamps are also available in the cash office.
  • You can visit the courtyard and château garden free of charge.


You can park your car in front of entrance to château or on the village square in Červené Poříčí, which is ca. 150 m from the entrance to the château.


The Červené Poříčí Château is wheelchair accessible only in the courtyard and château garden (without paved road). On the courtyard is a handicapped toilet. Entry to the cash office is possible for the handicapped, and with the assistance of those around them they can go to the raised ground floor section of the tour.


Entry to the château area is possible with pets only if they are on a lead and you must clean any potential excrements. Entry into the tour route with pets is prohibited. An exception are small pets, which can be carried during the tour in your arms, a handbasket or in a bag.


With bike you can go only into the courtyard. There aren´t any bike racks in the château area. Entry into the tour route isn´t possible for bikers with track shoes which have metallic spikes.

Child facilities

The Červené Poříčí Château isn´t equipped with facilities for small children. Entry into the courtyard, the garden and to the tour is possible only with an adult supervision.


Refreshments can be purchased in the restaurant, which is ca. 150 m from entrance to château.